Why the Isle of Wight
Less than two hours from London- with some of the best broadband infrastructure in the country
The Isle of Wight is a great place to set up your business.
It is home to over 5000 businesses from major global companies to small innovative businesses that have the room and space to grow.
The Island has particular strengths within the advanced composite manufacture, marine and renewable energy sectors.
The Isle of Wight prides itself as being the creative hub for innovation, spanning over 100 years from some of Marconi's first wireless communications to building the first commercial hovercraft. Today's route from Ryde to Southsea is the most advanced commercial hovercraft service in the world.

The Island also has one of the most comprehensive highway improvement programmes in the country, this includes pavements, cycleways and LED street lighting.
Great Place to Set Up a Business
Peter Tomlinson Chairman of Betapak 
The Isle of Wight is a great place to set up a business. The Isle of Wight has one of the highest densities of manufacturing based companies in the country and is a  hub for innovation.

Peter Tomlinson MD of Betapak tells us why.